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Extended Family on Mission // Familia extendida en misión

Oikos: An extended family... // Oikos: Familia Extendida

...on mission together //...en misión juntos

Oikos Cedros

Oikos Cedros

While we are part of  “Oikos Centrale”, we were set apart in early 2014 to launch our own missional community called Oikos Cedros. This is in response to how the ministry of Oikos has been expanding.   Home Fellowship We first started meeting Monday on nights with two of our ministry school students who we invited to be a part of it, to pray and seek God’s face for the specific strategy for how to reach our neighborhood, Los Cedros, and establish a growing missional community that would multiply itself in due time. So far, we’ve seen eight of our neighbours we prayed for by name accept Jesus Christ as their saviour! As a result, we’ve been having inductive Bible studies in our living room on Wednesday nights with these neighbours who asked us to help them read and understand the Bible. Over the last few months Lili and I have prayed and sought the Lord, and with our personal desire and interest in pouring ourselves into disciples who will do the same (please visit this blog post Information, Imitation,...

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