Would you love to take some time to grow in your relationship with God, to serve others and be part of a wider mission?

Oikos internships are great opportunities to grow in your relationship with God, to learn new things, to learn a new language, to grow in your faith and to serve and be part of a wider church community.


Oikos Ministeries in Peru accepts applications for interns from applicants who: 

– want to come and be part of what God is doing with Oikos in Lima, Peru

– who are willing to come and learn Spanish and invest in language learning

– who are wanting to come for 6 months + (unless Spanish is already spoken fluently)

– who want to invest primarily in developing Godly character and secondly in growing in competence and experience.

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We are able to offer intern opportunities to serve in the different communities and more specifically focus on one of the following areas:


1) Worship

Depending on the skill and experience of the intern and level of language, the intern could be involved in the following ways:

– in the worship team meetings

– passing on their musical skills to others

– worship team admin support

– prophetic worship evenings

– learning / growing in prophetic worship

– worship accompanying

– worship leading


2) Teaching in Bible School 

An intern with a good level of Spanish could be involved within the Oikos School of Ministry in some or all of the following ways:

– preparation of lessons

– teaching of lessons

– Mentoring of students

– personal tutoring of students



3) Mothers’ help 

An intern with a heart for service and helping out of the mother’s in the community is a huge blessing and incredibly appreciated! Mothers who have help are less overwhelmed and more able to participate in wider ministry. Help is needed in some or all of the following ways:

– to help mothers with babies so they can cook and clean

– to help cook (great opportunity to learn to cook different foods!)

– to help clear up (may not sound exciting, but great conversations happen often at this point!)

– to help babysit

– to help plan and buy food for family

Much of the time these jobs are done alongside the mother and are great opportunities to get to see how a family works, to have fellowship with the mothers and receive indirect mentoring through them.



4) Events co-ordinator / organiser 

With a community of people there are always events going on – birthdays, baby showers, art workshops, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas…as well as evangelistic opportunities.  An intern interested in events co-ordination could be involved in the following ways:

– helping plan and publicize events

– helping coordinate and obtain items needed for events

– liasing with others (a basic level of Spanish is needed!) to get their contributions for the event (e.g. signing up for food for Thanksgiving)

– oversee or be part of set-up team for decoration

– ensuring venue is left well (e.g. handing people brooms!)

– organising evangelistic or social events



5) Prayer co-ordinator and prayer-room developer 

We currently have a day of prayer every Monday and would like to develop prayer and the prayer room more to be an inspiring place for people to come and pray.

An intern interested in prayer and prayer room development could be involved in the following ways:

– creative set-up of prayer room on a weekly basis until a permanent space is found

– oversee clear-up of prayer room

– teaching about prayer / fasting

– find and encourage sharing of prayer-related testimonies

– oversee prayer rota for Monday prayer room and morning prayers



6) Sports ministry 

People of all ages love to play sports.  It is a great way to build relationships.  Interns interested in sports ministry could be involved in the following ways:

– organising regular football / volleyball games

– intentionally seeking new relationships and investing in individuals with sport as the gateway in to discipleship

– encourage Godly attitudes and unity in team sports



7) Media development / journalism 

God is doing some great things in Oikos, but often there is not time to document it and share it.  An intern involved with media development could be involved in the following ways:

– Help keep website up to date

– Help maintain the Oikos Facebook page (in Spanish)

– Take photos of different activities and events and write up short reports and testimonies in English (and in Spanish!)

– Assist missionaries in their newsletters


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Click here to read some testimonies from previous Oikos interns

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