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The following interns have all become part of our Oikos family for months.  They have all learned or improved their Spanish during their stay, all got involved with daily life and all had individual roles to play.  They lived with different host families and got involved with different outreaches, but each one found their relationships with God deepened and new relationships and skills developed.


13786_10205495072115204_2744604553867821488_nNick is from the USA. He spent 8 months as an Oikos intern.  He knew very little Spanish when he arrived but learned to speak well during his stay.  Here is what he has to say about his time:

My internship was more so focused on working with the central church at Oikos. I also helped several of the students that were aspiring Entrepreneurs. I helped them create a framework that they could use to decide if a business idea was a good one or not. Twice a week I spent time with several members of the church in a local shanty town visiting people and praying for them. Finally I helped with the prayer room. This room runs from 8am-9pm every Monday and a lot of the core of Oikos spend an hour in it every week.

I think that the thing that impacted me most at Oikos was the community driven atmosphere. Everything is shared and received in community. This was an awesome environment for me to be apart of, and was also in stark contrast to my recent environment of corporate America. The other thing that impacted me was the prayer ministry, we prayed every day and that began to become a very natural rhythm of life, which is a fantastic way to live.

The thing I appreciated most about my time is I can look at my life and see several ways that I grew, whether that was in character or in faith, and I know that I left more mature than I arrived.




Griffin is from the USA. He spent 6 months as an Oikos intern and already spoke Spanish before he arrived.  Here is what he has to say about his internship with Oikos: 

Oikos revealed to me the importance of always seeking first the counsel of the Lord. The importance of drawing near to his throne and pleading to him for answers and even more for open eyes and ears to witness his response.

Oikos taught me that growth comes from offering challenge in an environment of grace and forgiveness.

During my internship at Oikos, some pretty awesome adventures occurred. I hiked 10 miles to a tribe in the amazon to start communications about a future church plant. I was stranded with a team for 23 hours on a boat stuck in a jungle bog. I equipped future pastors who are called to plant churches throughout Peru by teaching a theology class for 6 weeks.

Lastly, I realized that we are beloved children of God and that He merely wants us to be blown away by the depths of His love for us.
If you are reading this and want challenge, come to Oikos. If you want to witness a discipleship culture, come to Oikos. If you want to experience the incredible ways that God is seeing his Gospel reach the nations, come to Oikos. Above all though, pray to God for counsel on your decision. Before you ask anyone, and I mean anyone, ask God for wisdom about your next step. Ask God to speak more clearly than ever before. Ask God how we wants to use you to fulfill the Great Commission and see disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations. He wants to work in your life. Don’t neglect Him like Jonah did!





Lauren is from Texas, USA.  She was an intern with Oikos for 11 months and had a working level of Spanish before she came, which obviously improved during her stay!  Her main focus was supporting Oikos Central and Oikos Pacifico with worship and music-connected ministry, but she got involved with many different aspects of Oikos life too.  Here is what she has to say about her time: 

Interning with Oikos Ministries has been of the top 3 decisions I’ve made in my life. Naturally, living in a different culture that speaks a different language 3,000 miles away from friends and family will be a growing experience. But, with Oikos, it’s way more than that. I’ve grown more spiritually in my 10 months here than I probably did the 10 years prior. You don’t grow spiritually because it’s always fun and easy. Those moments are rarely the ones that get the growing done! But I’ve had an incredible time. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve had a million and one new experiences. Not only have I been challenged to think and live in a new manner, inviting God’s kingdom to come and his will be done in my life here on Earth, but I’ve done that surrounded by family in Christ from all tongues and nations, lifting me up in prayer, prophecy, and words of life. Mark and Anna Burgess live what they teach and, in interning with their ministry, invite you not just to be “be an intern,” but to walk in your gifts, calling, and ministry in a new culture- the Peruvian culture, but also a Christian culture that calls you to go and make disciples.




Emily is from the USA.  She was an intern with Oikos for 9 months. She did not know Spanish before she came and learned it during her stay.  She was a key player in crisis management here in Oikos, often stepping in to help with looking after children and babies when the families had crisises or ministry commitments. Here is what she has to say about her time here: 

When I came to Peru last year I tried to not have expectations, but subconsciously thinking I was going to be a super Christian (haha nice thought)! My mentor and other people in the community helped me face myself. They gave me grace, kept encouraging me and never let me give up on myself. The community here gets in your mess and with God they help you out. It’s not perfect, but its discipleship. My internship was slightly random: I did a variety of things, from going to pregnancy class with a student, to getting stuck in the amazon jungle and everything in-between. Outside of Spanish class, mostly I did what people needed me to, and in a community with kids it was a lot of babysitting, and other odd jobs. I really enjoyed helping, but my first couple of months I was stressed out and felt like I had to do everything but couldn’t. God showed me he loves me regardless of what I accomplish and now I get so much joy out of life.  Colossians 3:23 says: Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Realizing just how selfless Jesus was and how much he sacrificed and gave for us, makes me want to do the same, because at the end of the day, seeing that mom’s look of gratitude and knowing I made a difference is worth the sacrifice.


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