Internship costs

How much does it cost? 

Payment for internships to Oikos are US$400 per calendar month. (Other costs are listed below)

This payment covers 

– your intern program (regular discipleship, mentor time, oversight of ministry undertakings),

– your room and full board,

– utilities (use of washing machine, water, electricity) and often internet wifi


Other costs: 

– language study

Language study costs depend on your need and preference, but start at around $10 an hour for a private class.  If you are a beginner learner we expect you to have at least 9 hours of study a week for 3-4 months and ongoing classes beyond that but maybe with less frequency.  Language study will make up a large chunk of your budget but it is essential for you to be able to get involved with community life and to be able to minister to others.  It is also an incredible skill to have.

– any personal items or spending

– transport costs 

These will depend on how you spend your free time and where your ministry role is based, but to give you an idea,

– the local bus around the city costs up to a dollar per ride.

– local taxis cost around $3-$7 for the typical trip to the local popular places

– a safe taxi from the airport costs $30 each way

– food eaten outside the house

– any mission trips outside of Lima

We encourage interns to join us on one or two mission trips per internship.  These trips are often to the Amazon jungle. We would also love for them to raise the cost of a mission trip for a local to accompany the trip too. The cost varies each trip, but it would be great to budget for US$400 per person per trip.

– personal travel 


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