Vision for 2016

In 2016 we are focusing on and trusting God to see growth in the following areas:

1. Thanksgiving 

– We are desiring to be a community that is full of thanksgiving, recognizing that it is a command from God and one of His strategies to bring joy into our lives and help us live in harmony with one another.  It also helps us to recognize all the small and big ways God is working in our lives and acknowledge Him in it all.

2. Generosity 

– We want to be a community which is open-handed towards God and others, offering the different resources we have been blessed with, whether that be time, energy, finances, our homes, our gifts…

3. Taking a step forward in discipleship 

– We desire to see each person taking a step forward in their relationship with God and with becoming connected with a church family, moving from fan to friend, to follower and to being family.

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