Oikos Cedros

While we are part of  “Oikos Centrale”, we were set apart in early 2014 to launch our own missional community called Oikos Cedros. This is in response to how the ministry of Oikos has been expanding.


Home Fellowship

We first started meeting Monday on nights with two of our ministry school students who we invited to be a part of it, to pray and seek God’s face for the specific strategy for how to reach our neighborhood, Los Cedros, and establish a growing missional community that would multiply itself in due time.

So far, we’ve seen eight of our neighbours we prayed for by name accept Jesus Christ as their saviour! As a result, we’ve been having inductive Bible studies in our living room on Wednesday nights with these neighbours who asked us to help them read and understand the Bible.

Over the last few months Lili and I have prayed and sought the Lord, and with our personal desire and interest in pouring ourselves into disciples who will do the same (please visit this blog post Information, Imitation, and Innovation in Discipleship for way more detail). We’ve come to sense our strategy is to focus on informal gatherings in our homes (meals, games nights, etc…) on another night of the week.

As the person(s) of peace emerges, we will invitingly mentor them and train them in the Scriptures and in leadership and form a huddle with 4-6 individuals we’ll train and mentor for how to launch their own MCs so they’re ready down the road and already accustomed to disciple-making from the culture we’re creating early on. For more about our growth framework, either read this post or listen to this recent podcast episode “Disciple multiplication & Slow Burn Revival” (Link or download for later)

This first year we have been focusing on building relationships and reaching out to neighbours of ours, as well as having prayer on Monday nights to intercede for our neighbours and persons of peace by name, as well for doors to open in our neighbourhood. We strongly sense the Lord will bring the people he has appointed for this, and have already seen a couple of people, including new converts, start coming to our prayer times as soon as they heard about them.

We believe that as our MC grows, just like Oikos Centrale has grown since 2009 and is now multiplying, after two or three years’ time our emerging community will foster similar growth as well, and likewise need to multiply. At that time we’ll continue training and mentoring those who launch their own communities.

Then God willing, rinse and repeat.

Reproducing reproducers

Our vision is to train disciples with a passion for Jesus and a desire in our disciples to follow Jesus as we follow Him, and who will go make disciples themselves.

This is not something only pastors do, but people can be a huge impact on their friends, family and neighbours. This is the approach we’re taking: inviting our neighbours into our lives, whether they already know Jesus or not.

Since the word “missional” can mean all sorts of things to different people who hear that word, please check out this podcast discussion with Mark, Shaun and myself from late 2012 called “What is Missional Community?
Link, or download for later.

Sunday School

It might also be worth mentioning that Lili has a gift and a passion for teaching children and ministering to them. When she felt up to it physically until the pregnancy with our daughter, she has taught Sunday school, Nido (nursery school) and has come up with a lot of the lessons and plans that others have used in Sunday school and other children’s meetings during the week, as well as translating from English to Spanish many of the lessons other team members use.

Did I mention that many of the children are fond of Lili and disappointed when she has not been around much due to the pregnancy and family commitment?

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what we are doing in Peru!

If you’d like to know more about how you can support us, please visit particular this link at their website, SteveBremner.com. Steve also produces a podcast called Fire On Your Head, with the purpose of kicking believers out of the upper room and engage in disciple-making in their lives and communities. You can subscribe in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio or wherever you want to listen to podcasts.

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