Oikos Pacifico

We are really excited to present the latest vision for Oikos Pacifico! Please watch this 5 minute video to find out more…

Pacifico 2016 from Oikos Peru on Vimeo.

If you would like to partner with us financially to see this vision come to fruition, please click here (and scroll to the bottom) for Tax-deductable giving (within the US.)

Please email AnnaOikosPeru@gmail.com for options outside of the US.

Some more background on Oikos Pacifico:


Ronald & Nancy Santillan lead out the ministry of Oikos Pacifico. Pacifico is the name of the shanty-town located on the edge of Lima, about 10 minutes away from Oikos Central. It is a place that has been forgotten or overlooked by many, and the inhabitants are just now aquiring the legal titles to the land they’ve been squatting and have built their houses on for the last twenty years. Many of the families are single parent families, and most of the children have no idea what a healthy family really looks like.


Together, we feel that our current calling is to create a community, a spiritual family, among the adults, youth and children in Pacifico.P1150113

Oikos Pacifico gathers weekly to share times of prayer, Bible study, worship and fellowship, and also have a regular community-wide lunch. We have seen God do miracles before our eyes — spiritual, physical and emotional — and are looking forward to seeing a generation of leaders from Pacifico who are discipling their families and neighbors for Jesus.



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