Overall Vision

Asociación Mision Cristiana Oikos (Oikos Christian Mission Association) was formed in 2011, (although the church was planted in April 2010 by Mark and Anna Burgess) with a vision to make disciples, raise up leaders and empower the next generation.

We are here to help empower Peruvians to empower Peruvians.

We recognize that Peruvians are the best people to teach, pastor and evangelize the Peruvians, but we have a role in helping train them to do this.

In other words we want to see Peruvian leaders and disciples make disciples who make disciples.

Oikos currently works in three distinct areas in Chorrillos, southeast Lima and in and around the jungle town of Pucallpa in the Amazon.


The work in Chorrillos is divided into 3 different geographical areas.

1. Los Cedros de Villa: a lower middle class community and the center of the Oikos operations.


2. Pacifico de Villa: a poor, undeveloped shanty town.


3. Miyashiro: a new, poor, invasion above Pacifico.





What we seek to do is three-fold:
1. Go into the nations, specifically that of Peru, and make disciples as Jesus taught in Matthew 28:19, reaching people with the love of Christ.
2.Through this relational discipleship we plant missional communities and churches that reflect the kingdom and covenant of God.
3. As we plant churches and launch missional communities, we train equip and encourage the disciples and leaders to reproduce and multiply the mission and vision that God has given us (and them) as a ministry.


Oikos is made up of many different nationalities, both Peruvian nationals as well as missionaries from the UK, the US, and Canada.

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