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Mark & Anna Burgess oversee Oikos Ministries. 

Mark, Anna, Daniel (9), Joel (7) & Kaleb (4) have been in Peru since September 2007 and planted Oikos in April 2010 and now lead the team, the church in Lima, as well as the team and movement in the jungle.

We are originally from England, and our home and sending church is St Thomas Church, Philadelphia in Sheffield. This church has helped us form our vision and calling which affects the direction of Oikos. Our main calling is to build a community or family of equipped disciples who are making disciples who are making disciples. These can then be sent out to plant churches and equip, inspire and grow leaders in Peru and beyond.

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Ronald & Nancy Santillan oversee Oikos Pacifico 

Ronald was born in Callao and grew up in Peru’s capitol city of Lima. Nancy was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She has lived in Lima since 2011. Ronald  joined Oikos in 2010 and Nancy in 2011, where they began working in a Lima slum. In 2013, they were married.  They have a heart to bring worship, healing and freedom to the nations through creating spiritual families and communities among those who have been outcast and rejected by society.

Ronald and Nancy lead Oikos Pacifico which is a community of believers located in the Lima slum. They are dedicated to seeing leaders from Pacifico being raised up to disciple and lead their families and communities.

Ronald & Nancy are busy adjusting to becoming parents, welcoming baby Arielle in May 2015.

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Steve & Lili Bremner oversee Oikos Cedros

Steve has lived in Peru nearly 6 years, and has been a part of Oikos for the last three years. He is currently involved in teaching in our ministry school, and with Lili leads our ministry in Los Cedros.

Lili has been a part of Oikos from the beginning and lived with Mark and Anna for the last four years before marrying Steve, who she met through Oikos. Lili has led several cell groups, including one in San Genaro 2, a shanty town on a hill in Chorrillos. She is also in charge of the Sunday school ministry. Together Steve and Lili have been seeing explosive growth in Los Cedros as neighbors have become born again in a few short months after launching in 2014.

Steve & Lili have a beautiful daughter called Jemi (1).

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If you’d like to know more about how you can support us, please visit particular this link at their website, Steve also produces a podcast called Fire On Your Head, with the purpose of kicking believers out of the upper room and engage in disciple-making in their lives and communities. You can subscribe in iTunes or on Stitcher Radio or wherever you listen to podcasts.



Rafael & Saida Orneta help run the Oikos School of Ministry

Rafael & Saida are Shipibo’s from the Amazon jungle.  They have studied in our school of Ministry and are in continued training as church planters. They are currently involved in daily discipleship of young adults as part of teaching and discipling students in the Oikos School of Ministry.

Rafael & Saida have a baby son, David.

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